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Engage your audience with an education and training platform that elevates your content and turns knowledge into action.
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The MAIA Platform
We're in the internet age and people's expectations have changed. When we need help or have questions we go to the internet and expect instant answers with minimal friction. We look for self-help experiences that allow us to be the origin of our own actions. We know the information is out there. We just need a guide to simplify all that information and help us turn it into sustainable action.

That means it's critical to deliver a hyper-focused, self-led educational experience that feels tailor-made for each member of your audience. Our MAIA Platform can help you get there.
conversation-based education

Engage users with interactive and personalized dialogue

Provide guidance with our virtual educators who ask questions and give feedback that is specific to the needs of each user.

tailored resources

Drive behavior change with resources tailored to your users' needs

Deliver meaningful content that activates a user's intent to change and provides simple instructions on how to start or maintain new behaviors.

growth opportunity

Scale your programs and services with self-directed education

Reduce staff burden by offering convenient, on-demand learning opportunities whenever and wherever your users need it.

game changing data

Collect insights to guide and validate your programs or research

Gather usage data, qualitative lesson feedback, and user-declared data to inform programmatic changes and optimize the user experience.

More features designed to change behavior

We have many ways to engage your users and get them to take action.

Custom User Profile

Collect info about each user that can be used to tailor lesson content.

Virtual Educators

Real people with emotional gestures from different genders, races, and ethnicities.

Interactive Elements

Users engage with embedded videos, card sorting, attitude sliders, and Q&A.

Lesson Triage

Eliminate choice overload by automatically recommending lessons.

Continue Later

Pause lesson progress and get prompted to return and finish what you started.


Get a certificate after completing a lesson to validate your awesomeness.

Behavioral Impact

Measure impact by following up with users and assessing behavior change.

Custom Surveys

Collect valuable survey data at the end of each lesson completion.

Data Sharing

Access a robusts set of usage data to help steer and make important decisions.

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