About Us

Born from the world of academia. Maia Synergy is a tech company rooted in research and science focused on providing nonprofits, government, and researchers online tools that can positively change behaviors among the people they serve.

purpose driven

We're on a mission.

Healthy behavior change is complex and challenging for many, especially for those who face greater odds - those with less education, reduced access to support, and those with fewer available resources.

At Maia Synergy we're taking on this issue by prioritizing those most in need. For years we've been successful at leveraging technology to empower and support some of the most difficult to reach and most overlooked in our society. This community of people have a magnificent voice that often goes unheard, but if given the opportunity they're most often ready to take the reigns and make a positive change, especially if it will benefit their family.

Partnering with nonprofits, government organizations, and researchers gives us the opportunity to help these individuals meet those challenges head on and provide the support they need to find success.

Maia - A meaningful name.

From the beginning, we wanted a company name that was intentional and supportive of our mission. Maia is the Roman Goddess of Spring and represents growth and renewal. For us, these are symbols of behavior change - the act of consistently growing or improving one's life and renewing one's approach to creating a healthier lifestyle.

Synergy - joining forces with a balanced team.

We've made a conscious effort to pull together a team with various specialties and backgrounds that all contribute in a meaningful way to our behavior change mission. Public health professionals, teachers, curriculum specialists, writers, dietitians, designers, developers, marketers, data analysts, and translators (language and cultural). All working to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of our individual parts and leveraging that power to create an innovative and engaging product that impacts our participants in a positive way. 

the dynamite team
Jason Rivas
Co-founder & CEO
John Brusk
Chief Analytics Officer
maia milestones
April 2020
Maia Synergy becomes a company

We spun out as a company from Western Michigan University not only during a world pandemic but also on April Fools Day. It was quite the leap of faith!

November 2019
Awarded patent for our Behavior Change Platform

Awarded patent number 10,467,924 for Behavioral Intelligence Framework, Content Management System, and Tool For Constructing Same.

October 2017
Launched HealthyCACFP.org

Our work expands to online training for childcare providers participating in the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program.

August 2002
Our Behavior Change Platform is born!

Dr. Robert Bensley, public health professor at Western Michigan University, creates the first iteration of our Behavior Change Platform for the Michigan WIC program and calls it wichealth.org