Online nutrition education for low-income women, infants, and children

the wichealth journey

Help those most in need.

That was our initial mission and it was achieved by building an online behavor change platform that empowers low-income parents participating in the USDA WIC program, in helping themselves and their children eat healthier. WIC participants have a requirement to receive nutrition education to receive their food benefits and we were the first to develop a way for them to achieve this online.

Over time the platform gathered steam.

The initial wisp of an idea became a flame that spread and helped millions of families across 30 states, with parent-child eating behaviors. Empowered parents were able to experience and believe in their family's positive changes with their relationship to healthy eating.

The evolution continues.

WIC participants are not stagnant, so they need tools that are everchanging to meet their needs. The Maia Behavior Change Platform has continually evolved over the years to keep current with the latest findings in theoretical research and the latest technology trends among our users. This is our ongoing commitment to those most affected by change.




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