Online nutrition training for CACFP childcare providers

a fresh opportunity

Expanding on a good idea.

From the success of we expanded naturally into the Child and Adult Care Food Program, which provides reimbursements for healthy meals and snacks to eligible children and adults who are enrolled at a participating child care center or home. This time our platform would be used as a nutrition training tool for childcare providers for the purpose of corrective action as well as continuing education.

Online nutrition training + meal planning.

Because CACFP childcare providers are required to submit meal plans that demonstrate they're following specific food guidelines, we decided that a full-featured meal planning tool closely integrated into the lessons was an important feature to include. So we built it! We call it Health eKitchen.

Working closely to make a difference.

Lesson development and creation of the meal planning tool was done in close partnership with staff from North Carolina CACFP and a number of other local childcare providers in North Carolina and Florida. This meant that those who would be using the product were contributing to its development, which for us is the type of synergy we're always looking for.

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